Teaching more-than-human perspectives in technology design

How can we learn to listen to the voices, values and needs of our more-than-human companions?

As stated in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN, 2015), to achieve sustainable development we need to address the three levels: people (society), planet (biosphere), and profit (economy) since they are all intertwined. Up to now, the technology design community, also including design education, has had a tendency to incorporate the values of people and profit, but not as much the planetary values including more-than-human values and our entanglement with complex social-ecological-technological systems.

The MOVA (Teaching MOre-than-human-VAlues in design in higher education) project contributes to closing this gap by developing educational resources that address more-than-human values and needs. The educational resources target teachers in technology design programmes. See the About section for more details. 

MOVA is a continuation of the VASE project and builds on the open education resource (OER) Teaching for values in design: Creating conditions for students to grow into responsible designers and developers of future technologies.

The project is based on a collaboration between Malmö University (coordinator), Aarhus University, and Eindhoven University of Technology, and co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.

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